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ऐसे तो एक हीं काफ़ी हैं पुरे परिवार के लिए लेकिन दिल है की मानता नहीं धन्यवाद श्रीमान आपका, आपके ब्यक्ति गत उपभोक्ता समर्थन के लिए।

अतुल कुमार गोवा

Since my childhood days, I love Ravi Table Fans. Even, We are living in the deep south part of Tamilnadu state,,, I used to come to Kasi (Varanasi) along with my grandfather. During that Kasi pilgrimage, after finished Darshan of all varanasi manthirs, my grandfather used to go for shopping in Varanasi big bazaars, very particularly for purchasing Ravi Mini Size Table Fan.
After returning from kashi (Varanasi) pilgrimage, my grandfather is used to give as a gift, this Ravi (Mini or Tiny Table) Fan, to his friends (merchants) in our small town.
Till now, in our small town, anybody can come and see this Ravi Mini Tiny Table Fans in Jewellery shops, Kirana shops and in other shops also, Very particularly, you can see this Ravi Mini or Tiny Fans in the cash counter very near to the owner of that shops.
My grandfather had passed away, BUT his Ravi Mini Table Fan is still living with me.
So, Since my Childhood onwards, I am a lover of Ravi Mini Table Fans.
I have received Ravi Oscillating 250mm Fan safely and now working very nicely. My special thanks to packaging team because they kept that Ravi Tiny 10" Fan in double cartoon box with nice thermocool packing parcel.
Still, I am recommending your (our) Ravi Table Fans to my family members, friends, relatives and my dear most students for the uniqueness of Ravi Table Fans.
In future, If God bless me to go another one pilgrimage to kashi (Varansi), I would like to visit your factory.


Prof. Nagarajan

One of the Best Fan in this Price Range. Completely built with metal..You will never regret after this purchase. Just install it one by one and Enjoy... The Air it throws is Awesome... You will enjoy it. Blindly go for it... It's a Gem in this price


The product comes as a compact package with easy to assemble components. Running smoothly with optimum noise and efficient air circulation. Completely satisfying and Value for money.


Awesome fan.Great build quality and packing was professional.They have introduced a great branding sample.

Devins Barman

I have been using this fan for about 3 months now. What a wonderful product! The air-throw is forceful and long range, with just 2 blades.I had some questions on assembly. The owner himself called me and entertained my questions, then directed his service technician to call me back. I was very impressed by the customer-centric attitude of Ravi FansI did quite some research before I bought this fan. It is totally made in India. Others use imported blades, or imported motor, or at least the stator/rotor is Chinese. This one is totally manufactured in our country. Friends, let us give our country's companies our support! Especially when they they deliver good quality at a reasonable price!

Sanjay Chakravarty

Excellent for large room. Extremely high speed fan. Service is more than the expectation. A blind recommendation.

Sandip Paul

High speed, Value for money, ergonomically designed and relatively low noise for a metal fan. The product ticks all the correct boxes in performance.


Excelent product when it comes to do its job. Design and style retro type but will as long as it does it job. Grt product for individuals.


Well, I received it on 9th,Sept,2020 (one day late). The big box it came in was quite banged up and dented which scared me regarding the safety of the parts inside but everything inside was thankfully safe, so I guess the packaging done by the seller should be applauded.The finishing on the product is very good. There were no scratches anywhere and the paint job is awesome in glossy black. All the parts are there with screws and everything is of good quality hardy materials.
Although I have just set it up and not used it much, I can say that the speed of the fan is extremely high. I hope it holds up to running for long durations which I normally use my fans for. I can assure you that Ravi is producing hi-quality products of the same design and is no less than other brands producing similar fans. They will earn quite a good name if they keep up this awesome quality.


This isn't not a high speed fan but this is a jet speed fan. Seriously tremendous speed and wind flow.
Little bit noisy due to jet like speed, otherwise nothing to dislike.
Also a vintage look


Super product. Nothing can beat this fan in air delivery. Too good. Superb


I already used tow top branded pedestal fan. now both fans are not working then I research a lot more than a month to buy a steel type pedestal fan.then finaly i found ravi's fans then I have few doubts. then I ask my doubt to company support.they replied so quick. Then only I ordered now Ravi's fan in my hand
1. Its mini helicopter Amazing wind flow
2. Full steel
3. 3 speed control
4. Product quality


Powerful and sturdy all metal fan...due to high speed it's noisy but that's expected from a fan running at 2600 rpm. Best part is that it's made in Varanasi...so it feels good to support a truly Indian company who is still making reasonably priced and quality products for the masses.


The Fan is excellent. It's retro design appealing. I had a small issue, their marketing director called personally and addressed it promptly. An example of a venerable desi company with the right values. Will take them far and global.

Raghunandan K.

Good product.. air force is super.. less noise.. whole metal body.. quality metal used.. i love my purchase,, long life usable product , no doubt i'm 29, i have been use this fan till my other generation.


Excellent sturdy fan. It can last for a long time.
1) Simply metal everywhere.
2) Easy to assemble. All necessary screws provided
3) 450mm blade
4) Air reach is good.
5) Very strong base.
6) Copper coil
7) Hardly any noise once started - Bhaskaran


Excellent....save your electricity and turn off AC


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