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Benefits of good ventilation systems

Nov 05, 2020

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There's no denying that fresh air is essential to humans - we need it to survive. In an ideal world, we would be constantly outside breathing in clean, pure air. Unfortunately, for many people, this is not the case. It’s likely that our jobs and the climate that we live in can determine that we will be spending a lot of our time indoors – which, in turn, provokes the need for a good ventilation system. So, what are the benefits of good ventilation systems?

First, it’s important to address what ‘ventilation’ means. Ventilation refers to the process by which ‘clean’ (normally outdoor) air is intentionally supplied to a space, while stale air is removed. There are various types of ventilation systems that can be used – such as air conditioning (including fan coils), air curtains, air recirculation and air infiltration.
Ventilation is especially required for commercial and industrial spaces to control indoor air quality by diluting and displacing indoor pollutants. Ventilation can also be used to control temperature, humidity and air motion.

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